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    Hello All,
    just joined the forums as I am now going to be buying a limo business. I decided to purchase an existing business from a friend who is moving on with one of his other businesses. I decided to get into it after helping him out one day in an emergency... I get a call at around 10 am on a Sunday saying he needs me to see if I can get one of his limo's going for him as it is stuck at a clients house. The driver is on a wedding run and the car won't shift from park. The clients have taken alternative transportation to the wedding and the car is stuck at their house. I go out to the house to see what I can do for him and discover the shifter cable has snapped. I have the driver put it in drive and manually shift the car into gear. Needless to say I have to go with the driver now to keep the car moving so he can finish the run. We arrive at the wedding site just in time as they have just finished the ceremony... the bride see's the car and is all excited that they have their limo back. I talked to the bride, explain the problem and if they still want the limo I will have to ride up front with the driver. She is so excited that she tries to hug me not realizing I am covered in grease so I trip and fall on my ass trying to back up from this incoming hug so I don't get the bride dirty. What I don't realize is that this wedding is being filmed for a TV show... I do Lets eat.. So now I'm back under the car shifting the tranny so the car can back up and get out of the wedding site. We complete the run and that's that... or so I thought.... a month later I get a call from a friend who is telling me I am on TV. So I check it out and there I am in all my grease covered self on national TV switching gears underneath a limo and looking like a complete red neck


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    Funny story, Welcome to the forum!
    Dan Repass
    Celebrity & BOSS Limousine
    Lexington, KY

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    Welcome to the forum BlackRain!
    Lenora Bowman

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    Charlotte, NC
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    Nice to see you. Your introduction is good any how welcome to this forum.


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    Good story. Welcome to the forum.
    Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

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    Thanks everyone... the forums have been a wealth of information to me. It's great that so many have put up so much needed information for others to learn from.



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