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Thread: How much do weekend limo drivers make?

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    I'm curious as to what kind of money can be made as a driver per event on weekends?

    Is it possible to do this just on weekends?

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    hey guy, i drive in texas strictly on the weekend and depending on the time of the year(proms, weddings) i make anywhere from 100.00 - 200.00.

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    As the owner of a good size corporate limousine company I think it is a shame/crime that some operators short change there staff for the sake of the bottom line.

    A good Chauffeur is your best asset, remember as he or she goes so goes the company.

    Income varies from location to location, some markets ie: NY,LA, comand higher rates.

    A good rule of thumb is an hourly wage plus gratuity. From $6 to $9 Dollars per hour and
    between 15 and 20 percent gratuity.

    Like most Limousine companys we offer Wedding service, we pay $50 to the chauffeur and we used to build in a 20% gratuity.
    About a year ago the chauffeurs asked that we not recomend a 20% gratuity but tell the client that the gratuity was at there discression.
    In other words if you are completly happy with the service please tip acordingly, but if you are not happy don't tip at all.

    As an owner I couldn't have asked for a better sales pitch to potential clients. This also ment that the chauffeurs are working that much harder to satisfy the client as the 20% is no longer guarenteed.

    The end result is that the chauffeurs are now averaging over 30% per wedding.

    I hope this helped and perhaps some operators may take advantage of my staff,s example.

    It realy does work.

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    > I'm curious as to what kind of money
    > can be made as a driver per event on weekends?
    I work strictly on the weekends in the Los Angeles area and make about 15.00 an hour tax free.

    My Saturday usually start out with a wedding or funeral in the morning 11:00am to 3:00pm and a dinner/club hopping or a prom from like 7:00pm to 1:00am. Do not get to much work on Sunday usually just a short dinner run or concerts if you are lucky. And we in LA are lucky to get the award shows every now and then and they are usually on a Sunday, and those are like 10 hour jobs.

    So after travel and clean up time (some places will not pay you for that) that is about 5 + 7 = 12 hours of work so $180.00 for a full days work. Usually the clients also give you a little extra in cash as most of them know the gratuity included in the bill is just a way to up the bill for the owners. Overall its a good way to make a little extra scratch. As long as you do not have to do many airport pick ups, they are a pain, and you boss reels in a good class of customers then you got it made.

    > Is it possible to do this just on weekends?
    Definitely, the weekend is the busiest time for limousines and many of them sit all during the week, and any owner will tell you they are always looking for good drivers as backups for their regular drivers. But do not think you can survive on strictly weekend limo work, you need a steady weekday job as well, and I would not qualify limo work as steady during the week except if you work for one of the very big operators that run a lot of sedans like Carey or Music express.

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    A driver can make good money just working on weekends. What a driver makes depends on what he puts into it. I used to drive, weekends only I started just to help out a friend who was in desperate need of a driver. My training consisted of. Hey Jack run over to my office and grab the spare keys my driver just walked off the job leaving the people with no driver, A great training program!! I treated the customers to good service that got better as I learned. and in a short time I was making any where from $350.00 to $500. in a weekend, had regular customers that asked for me. and tipped well.
    I now own my company and my drivers are properly trained and make a decent amount of $$$ if a driver complains to me he isn't making money in tips he gets retrained if that does't help he's gone. There is a trick to making money as a chauffeur ( I do not hire drivers) The trick is simple there are three easy steps, the first one is service the second is service and the third is SERVICE Treat every customer like royalty and you will make money$$$

    Jack Williams


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