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Thread: I'm being harassed by a company called Web Search USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by First Class Limos View Post
    Personally I feel like 25 minutes over is way to much. You should be billing for a half hour over in my opinion. Thats money lost...
    i agree, anything 15+ i will charge them for. if they are total crappy clients i will even charge them for 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Harrod View Post
    That's true but I try to judge the client according to the likelyhood of their rebooking. Also I try to provide a service, not just run a straight up buz venture. But First Class you are also right.
    I agree with Steve. It all depends on the client. I generally give a 15 minute window. But if I'm doing a wine tour, and I'm not in a rush. Sometimes I'll tell the clients not to stress over the time. I figure the limo is parked and I'm enjoying myself, why not? It doesn't cost me a penny more, and your clients will definately be calling you again, plus giving you a healthy tip that might not have happened if they rushed to avoid overtime.
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    First limo company I worked for charged @ 9 minutes. Clients were advised up front the charge would be for 30 minutes or 39 minutes= 1 hour. If you charge hourly only then 20 minutes=1 hour would probably be fair.

    I think we all base extra time on how big a pain the client was. I've had my chauffeurs tell me "Well they went over 15 minutes," but "I told them not to worry about the extra time."

    Those instances are rare, but when this happens, it better be a 4 or 5 hour run and that is now part of the instructions.

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