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Thread: 01 TC Air Suspension

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    Default 01 TC Air Suspension

    Dash light on, fault code shows open circuit.

    rear airsprings have no cracks and are holding air, just not inflating. I can activate the compressor by disconnecting the plug and applying 12 volts, but the airsprings won't inflate when I do this.

    Anyone have suggestions or ideas?

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    could check air line runing from front to back for leaks,try spraying all your door mecanism with wd40 then open and close door's a few times,and there is leavling switch on rear end check conn. there.

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    There are a few things happening when the system pumps-up. There are solonoids on each bag in the rear that open when the compressor kicks on. These solonoids open and close the air going in and out of the bag, this is why you can jump the compressor, hear it run but the bags wont fill with air, you must force the solonoids to open before the bags will allow air to fill the bags. By forcing the compressor to run without forcing the solonoids to open you may blow and air-line running to the rear, these lines are not like old-school air-shock lines, they are not made to hold hi-pressure air in them.

    You could have a bad leveling switch. The leveling switch looks like a small shock absorber and connects from the rear axle to the frame of the car, normally located to the drivers-side of the center of the axle, above the exhaust. It's hard to find it the first time you look for it.

    The leveling switch could need adjusted. Adjusting it is simple, just takes a large screw-driver to bend the lower mounting bracket that the leveling switch mounts to. A very small tweak of this bracket will make a .5 inch difference.

    Have you checked the manual on/off switch in the trunk? Sometimes your switch may get flipped by accident while loading the trunk with stuff, or a clients said "huh, wonder what this does?" and flipped the switch. This is the first thing I would check.

    I also agree with Mark, the door-jamb switches are attached to the air-ride system. If you have a door that doesn't activate the dome lights when you open that door, that is probably the problem. Spraying WD-40 heavily into each door latch and open/close the door a few times can sometimes revive a dirty door-jamb switch.
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