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Thread: A way to save on advertising

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    I have to say that not many people use calling cards these days and most of the ones that do are not the target audience. Most people have free long-distance on their land-lines (if they even have one, I haven't had a personal land-line since 2003) and if they don't have that feature they have cell phones that give the the same feature. So the people that would actually want a calling card would be mostly people that are unable to afford to use a chauffeured transportation service--I'm sure that is a very, very select number of clients that would like it but I bet that is a very small number of people. Plus, if you are using SMS to send people ads, you would have to assume that almost every one of those people have free long-distance which basically renders the card useless and the client more upset than happy that they are getting spam text messages.
    I'm with Phil. The only people I know who use calling cards are crack heads who can't afford a cell phone. Nobody that would use a limo. Like I want to waste $5 on someone each time I hand them a card anyway.

    It's either spam or crapola, take your choice.
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    No doubt about it . . . .



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