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Thread: Start up in Orlando. TC, SUV or 120"????

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    I agree with Bryon at Daytona, Central Florida is tough. It would be hard to make a profit right out of the gate. If you keep your costs rock bottom and stay for the long count you may a have a chance. We all have seen companies come and go. As one in Portland put it "brick and motar" can be tough. I do not discrourage you but be aware it's alot easier to loose money than make it. Try to dot all your "i'"s and cross you "t"s. A sound biz practice is Double your projected costs and Half your projected sales. Work out a good biz model. I believe you should start by driving in the area to learn the ropes. You will gleen tremendous knowledge. Most of us on here have been chauffeurs first, not all but many. Capitalism can be risky but also rewarding. 80% fail within the first five years, 50% within the first three years. If you take the PLUNG GOOD LUCK

    PS, Bryon. Those are pretty frighting rates I don't know anyone charginging those But I can sure believe It

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    I know the rates are really low, I also wonder how they make any money. When clients first started telling me the rates they where quoted I didn’t believe them until I called and checked around. Needless to say I was surprised as well.

    Just yesterday I received a call, a client wanted to rent a 20 passenger Hummer or Escalade for one hour on Saturday August 15th 8:30pm to 9:30pm and wanted to know if we could beat the price of $200. I told the client sorry we could not get close to that but said we had some great pricing on four hour packages. They said they only wanted one hour and hung up.
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    One Hour or transfers on a Saturday night........What are we coming to?

    Should I jump out the window Now or Later?

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    Default NLA Addressing Florida Permitting Issues????

    I'm still trying to figure this LCT tidbit out.

    Sales Tax Victory Drew From National Know-How
    July 29, 2009
    The NLA has provided guidance on local and state issues including the New York State sales tax, Tennessee’s formation of a local association, "permitting issues among Florida operators", and, in helping Rhode Island operators deal with complex overtime wage issues.

    Sources: Linda Moore, LCT Magazine; Patty Nelson, NLA executive director

    Maybe Linda Moore can elighten us to what the NLA has done regarding "permitting issues in Florida"?

    All I know is that to operate the middle part of the state "coast to coast" costs a shitload of money & nothing has been done to alleviate this by the Sheeple affected.

    So bring the Gypsy's on.
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    I agree the best way to get to know the ropes is to chauffeur first. That is a big part of how I learned Tampa. I understand that this industry is extremely competitive and for sure not a get rich quick business. I wont even start until I find the right car for a price that doesnt put me behind the eight ball from day one. I refuse to low ball my prices because that does more long run damage to the industry than short term help for the operator. Anyways, as I get to know you you will see that I have a love for the industry (Glutton for punishment?) and am not a fly by night crack pot that we all see come and thankfully go. I do not believe in double and triple booking my cars, jack rabbiting and other common half ass things the fly by night idiots all do then call you to bail them out. I do believe in companies working together, ie helping book each others sitting cars when you are sold out, working together to accomplish events too big for one small company, such as meetings, golf tournaments etc. and overall cooperation in keeping the limousine experience a special time for customers, not a big taxi.


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