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Thread: What they won't stretch....

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    I was just curious, what is the most unusual vehicle you have seen stretched? Or maybe the most unusual conversion/modification of the standard vehicles that are stretched?

    I enjoy browsing the web sites of limo companies to see what they have, and wonder what all I haven't seen yet.

    The one thing had wondered: Is there a stretch convertible? (or one with a removable top)?

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    Coolest one I have seen is a stretched 96 Impala SS--

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    In Dallas some 15 years ago a limousine company were selling stretched Honda Civics. That to me was the pits, but I guess thats why they had to sell them.
    In Europe there are a lot of stretched Volvos which you dont see in the US, they are a bit unusual.

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    Coolest cars I have seen are a stretched red Yugo...and a pink VW Bug

    Alex R.
    Excel Worldwide


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