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Thread: The Redondo School Of Numbers

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    Default The Redondo School Of Numbers

    The Redondo School of Numbers where fabrication clashes with reality or is it, where imagination is taken as reality or some shit like that.

    1st on the honor roll goes to Neil Goodman of Aventura Worldwide who has magically made a couple of dozen applicants for 2008 Operator of the Year (51+ vehicle fleet size) into an almost 10,000 competition number in Aventura's advertising campaign:
    "We were chosen out of 9,400 other companies that were considered." says CEO and President Neil Goodman."

    Now sometimes in the Redonodo School of Numbers we land up with a situation where smaller is bigger:
    "Aventura Worldwide Trans. Serv. Named No.1 in the Country"

    So, were the other 3 recepients of the 2008 LCT Operator of the Year Award assigned a pecking order so they could advertise for example, "Named #4 in the Country"?

    Yes Dean, I know you will love this Thread. Especially as the "Fact Book" hits as well as the "Biggest Penis" issue.

    The Redondo School of Numbers can be applied to many facets of this Industry & in many unscupulous, lying, fraudulent ways including Deceptive Advertising & Perjury.

    Turn the lights on!
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    Now sometimes the Redondo Numbers are used to try and effect a positive but, it's still classified as Redondo Neverless.

    Here is a classic example of attempting to use the numbers in a positive way to give strength to a position letter as 5,000 sounds more impressive than the 1, 2 or 300 membership of the GCLA.

    March 13, 2009

    The Honorable John Kerry
    United States Senate
    304 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    Dear Senator Kerry,

    The Greater California Livery Association represents the 5000 limousine and sedan operators in California. I am writing to you on their behalf, as president of the Association.

    Recently you introduced S. 463, legislation to impose limitations on certain expenditures by participants in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Your legislation is very narrow in scope and all encompassing in perception. Specifically, as I read the legislation, it would prohibit recipients of funds authorized by TARP from sponsoring, hosting, or paying for entertainment or holiday events during the calendar year, or the next occurring calendar year, in which TARP assistance was received.

    The intent of your legislation is laudable. The result is having a devastating impact on our industry. As you know all to well, in politics perception is reality. You would be amazed, and I trust dismayed, to learn of the impact your legislation is having on the California economy. Like your home state of Massachusetts, California’s economy is, in large measure, based on robust tourism. The dampening affect of your legislation is resulting in numerous cancellations of meetings, conferences, conventions, and trade shows. Clearly, this was not the intent of the bill, but the business and industrial leaders of our nation are fearful that their integrity may be called into question should they host or sponsor events identified in your bill.

    Senator, I urge you, on behalf of my industry in particular and California’s travel and tourism industries in general, to tone down the rhetoric and support American commerce. We are depending upon you.


    Alan Shanedling
    President, Greater California Livery Association
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