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Premium or not to Premium

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I was driving with my mechanic the other day, and I asked him what he thought about operating my Lincoln Town Cars with just regular fuel, due to the rising prices. He looked at me with a funny face and said "Buying premium fuel is a waste of money."

I then asked him why he thought this way. He told me in all the years he has owned Lincolns he has always used regular fuel, and he said he would never pay the extra money for premium fuel. I told him I was concerned due to the sticker they place in the fuel door, and He then told me that his personal Lincolns have reached well into the 200,000 mile range without issue.

Then he told me something that really hit home. He said, "When the fuel gets expensive the premium fuel will sit longer in the station tanks, resulting in a stale fuel, and with the reformulated fuels they use in Wisconsin this could actually be bad for your vehicle in the long run."

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  1. Cedar Mill Limousine's Avatar
    You only need the higher octane if you have a higher compression ratio. Motorcyles and very high end sports cars need this - most cars (incl. most sports cars) do not need nor will they perform much different on higher octane gas unless you turn up the timing (we used to do this with the 5.0 in the Mustangs - really only gain maybe a tenth of a second in the quarter mile on a stock motor).
  2. limo boston's Avatar
    mechanics are right, almost always!