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Wisconsin named number 1 for DUI

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Wisconsin was just named the top State for DUI's in America.

I have stated in a previous blog that the Milwaukee area has a flooded Limo market, yet people still go get hammered and get behind the wheel....WHY? A limo or a cab is just to expensive? Seriously? How much do you think a DUI ticket will cost you in the long run? Or God forbid, what if someone get's killed? How would a Vehicular Manslaughter look on your resume'?

I have always wondered why celebrities get arrested for DUI's with all their money and easy access to Limousine & Car services, especially out there in Hollywierd, (Also another flooded Limousine market.) Oh just think if Good old Tiger would have called a limo instead of wrapping his SUV around a ditch, he would probably be still crushing the Golf scene. You know those Celebrity Mug shot's are never very flattering or good for the career.

The one thing that sends me over the edge is when I hear about these people with multiple DUI convictions, I think the last one I saw on the local news was some clown with 8 freeking DUI's...Why is this guy out walking around? I can't help think, what's it going to take for this person to get it together or why is this even allowed.

Is Drinking just the only way to get thru this life here in Wisconsin? There are plenty of things about Wisconsin that could drive you to drink granted (Pardon the pun...not intended) Taxes, Weather, Government, Festivals....But how about we just drink SMARTER & SAFER. If you can't afford a Limo at least phone a friend or get a Cab......For God sakes STOP THE MADNESS!!!

As a Limousine Chauffeur many times when we are wrapping up our day at the office the only people out on the roads are tired Bartenders, tired Waitstaff, Police Officers, and of course drunken goof's. After 23 years of being in the Limousine Industry I have to confess that sharing the roads with people so drunk they could weave a mighty fine sweater, has a way of getting to you. Didn't mean to vent, but this latest Wisconsin Triumph just pushed my button.

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