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Sometimes we should think before we post

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I attended the 2010 LCT show in Vegas this year for the second year in a row. This year, I was a little more open to networking and talking to people. I have always had a hard time trying to sell myself, because that is basically what we all are doing isn't it? For the most part, we all buy our limos from the few limo builders out there, we all can buy our Town Cars from Lincoln, and when your cars are not there to show the car with which we keep spotlessly clean, all we have left to do is sell ourselves.

Anyways, being more open with networking and making a conscious effort to dress the part and be outgoing wasn't so hard after all. When I say "dress the part" I have always been one to believe if I'm not getting paid to wear a suit and tie, I will wear what is comfortable with me. I have Harley Davidson running through my veins and always wear my Harley clothes whenever possible. However, when at a professional conference such as the LCT show, anything less than a suit and tie is dressing down!

Back to the point of my blog though, I was amazed how many people after knowing what company I owned recognized me from THIS forum. I mean, at the registration booth, I had another forum member ask me if I was the same Heaven On Wheels that talks on LDC! He said he didn't like to post too much on here because a lot of people seemed mean and rude. We were able to finally put faces to online posts and it makes this industry appear that much smaller to me. During brunch one day, someone saw my name tag we were all wearing and recognized my last name and said that he doesn't talk on here much but is always reading and had some choice words for a few forum members!! Not me of course!

Finally, a few months back I had a customer who booked me because of this forum in particular! He specifically asked for J, and when he realized it was me on the phone he went on to explain that he has read my posts on here and although he never comments much, he respected and wanted to do business with someone who is active in the limousine industry.

Finally, I booked one of our largest competitors limo a few weeks ago. He has a one-of-a-kind limo that one particular client of mine wanted. I farmed it out and when I called him and told him who I was, he mentioned that he knew who we were because of seeing our limos and of this forum. Again, another long term reader, non-poster.

As a small company owner, it makes me proud to know that people know who we are, no matter how. Wether it is because of the posts, Vegas shows, seeing our limos on the road, word of mouth or driving by our office. If they know who we are it is because we are worth knowing and they better watch their back. The way I look at it, it is only a matter of time before someone else is talking about me being their main competitor in our area.

The whole point of this blog is you would be surprised to know how many people this forum reaches and who reads it. Be careful what you post because once it's out there on the world wide web, you can't take it back! See you at next years LCT show!!

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