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Chrysler 300's....Yay or Nay?

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Well the Chrysler 300 has been in the Limo market now for a few years....What do you think?

Have they held their own?
Have they kept their value?
Was it all a Mistake?
The best vehicle that ever could have happened for the Industry?
Are they really worth all that Money?

Those of you out there that have been running these vehicles can answer these questions better than anyone. Are they really "All That" or is Lincoln still KING.

Also I was Curious if anyone knows what's the longest ever stretched Chrysler 300? I have seen 140" anyone seen anything bigger?

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  1. Cedar Mill Limousine's Avatar
    When it comes to the consumer, the 300 kills the Lincoln. Unfortunately, the 300 is only made by "2nd tier" coachbuilders (I couldn't believe the difference in quality between our Empire 300 and our Krystal Lincoln) and the 300s are obviously not designed to be stretched. It is unfortunate, as the 300 definitely has the looks, but those too will fade soon too. I still love our 300, but the Lincoln is solid. Would love the 300 body on a Lincoln everything else!
  2. City Heat's Avatar
    We stretched the Dodge charger--so similar to the Chrysler 300 and have done very well with it. Our coach builder did an awesome job and it still turns heads!! We have not had much problems, knock on wood!!

    City Heat Limousine
  3. MrQ45Limo's Avatar
    The Charger in my opinion looks way better
  4. MrQ45Limo's Avatar
    I agree about the public opinion concerning the 300 over the Lincoln, I trust Lincoln as far as trust goes when it comes to any limo, Chrysler on the other hand not sold on their product dependability.