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Good Business

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As time goes by you learn alot about being in business. When you have a job you don't really have to think about certain things. For instance advertising , good word of mouth , cost of operation and on and on. Well in the last almost 4 years as owners my wife and I have learned a lot about handling situations. 2 things we had to deal with in the past month had to do with doing the right thing. The first was a client we had serviced their wedding this past summer. She had reserved the Hummer for her wedding. There was a small mix up with the pick up address. The driver went to the billing address not the pickup address causing him to be about 5 minutes late for a wedding. This is a big problem as we pride our selves on always being early for all jobs. The clients live local and are very nice people. We decided for the mix up we would credit them the entire job for future service.

About 6 months after the wedding she called and wanted to book the Excursion for a night out in Orlando. They were so happy we gave them the credit to use towards there night out. So in the end we made a client extra happy and we still made a little money on the night out. And to top it off the group we took out works at the resteraunt across the street from were we stage the Excursion.

If you guys remember about a year ago our Lincoln 120 was hit by a drunk driver. Thank god no one was hurt. The car was fixed and life goes on. Well the day after the accident we were contacted by the clients and they requested some sort of reimbursement . I told the lady who had booked the Limo that we would be happy to give them a full credit.

She finally called to use that credit 1 year after the accident. We told her we would stand by our word . She used the credit and took all her friends out to Daytona Beach in the Excursion. Another situation made right. This client lives about 2 minutes from us and was so happy her and all 18 guests said they will tell everyone how great the service was. You can't buy publicity like that.

So my point to this is ( what you do or say today can and will affect you tomorrow )

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  1. Cedar Mill Limousine's Avatar
    Right on. I couldn't agree more. I met with a tuxedo shop owner this afternoon and this is exactly what we talked about. It is not always about that immediate sell, the high pressure get em before they get off the phone. It is about building relationships. It is about building a foundation of clientele that will get you through those rough patches. Just make sure you don't cross the line of giving away the farm! Good job!
  2. J Paul White's Avatar
    WOW, great advice great advice. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever!
  3. dane crosby's Avatar
    It's tough to get refferal business untill someone has seen your faces multiple times