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Stop Walker's Budget!

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by , February 19th, 2016 at 11:15 AM (386 Views)
Governor Scott Walker's proposed state budget is inconsistent with Wisconsin Values for Menomonee Falls community. He slashes funding for public education like we have never done before in this state. He cuts the SeniorCare prescription drug program. And he gives a big tax break to those who need it least, wealthy people and big corporations.

Governor Walker wants to cut $900 million from our schools, the deepest cut in state history.

Governor Walker wants to slash the SeniorCare prescription drug program, which 90,000 Wisconsin seniors need, devastating middle class families.

Governor Walker wants to cut taxes for the wealthy and big corporations by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Since we first became a state, Wisconsinites have been committed to a set of shared values, Wisconsin Values. Support public education, and help the elderly continue to lead productive lives. When we have a budget to balance, all of us, including the wealthy and powerful, must do our part.

Please visit for more information about the devastating Menomonee Falls State Budget bill, and what you can do to help stop it.

Former Employees
If you a previous employee and have questions about your W-2's please email Amanda at with the following information:

First and last name

When you worked at Advancing Wisconsin

Phone number or email where you can be contacted

Address to send W-2's

We will do the best we can to provide you the information as soon as possible.

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