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My Marketing Strategies That WORKED For Me!

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Hey Ladies and Gents,

My name is Greg and I'm the owner of Brookfield Limo. After years of being in the automotive and diesel industry and working on vehicles I decided to make a change. I did not like the politics in the auto and diesel industry. I spent $10,000 easy on tools to work on other peoples vehicles. It just didn't make since to me that I spent all that money and time on other peoples stuff. I knew it was time for a change because I was not happy. I knew if I put just as much money into myself I could start something new. At the end of the day I finally sucked it up and quit my job and started something new.

I began this business at the begging of the year (2016) and business has been booming. From working in the field of automotive and diesel industry I had seen what kept customers and what didn't. I began to take notes. Here are some of things that helped meet grow in a short time.


This might be a "no brainier" for some people! I knew it was very important to have a website so I hired a Website Company who built me a website and who I pay every month for SEO. His name is Johnny. If interested reach him at( I knew this guy from an automotive shop that I use to work at. He also left the field due to having the same problems as me so therefore I could relate very well with him. He built me an awesome site which generates leads every day. I don't know much about the SEO stand point but, I do know how important is to have a website that is ranking. If you don't have a website that is mobile friendly or, don't have one at all START NOW!


I knew I had to be myself and standout from the other competition. Once again, I used one of my resources from being in the automotive industry to have someone wrap my Logo Brookfield Limo on my car. As I drove around many people noticed the wrap so I knew it was drawing attention. Later,that month I brought that car to a car show. It was a GMC Denali that we use for many corporate events. I had many things done to it as far as the interior. It is a neat looking car inside and out. This also gave me a lot of notoriety. I wont list all the things I did but ultimately just be different and try to connect with many people as possible in probably one of the most important factors to growing your business.

Target Market

You might say "limousine service " is your target market. Yes,it is but I wanted to find certain clients that where willing to spend the money and located in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. I wanted to offer Party Bus service also. Many people graduating from college wanted to party so I knew this was a good market to be in. This is why I went to the car show and brought that vehicle because there was a younger crowd there.. I knew I didn't have the money or time to market everyone. I knew I needed to narrow down the demographics go from there. Who would be your ultimate customer? That is for you to find out!

These are some of the things I did. Use your resources and people that you know wisely. I hope this helps and if you have any questions just email me or post and I will reply. Trust me. Follow these steps and you will make a difference. If you are in the surrounding areas of Milwaukee Wisconsin check out my Party Bus Service.

I will post more things I did in a later post.


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