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Limoanywhere costing us straight up money!!

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If you open settlement screen in LA, it used to not let you settle without applying payment or setting status to DirectBill/Invoice. like many other features gone bad, limoanywhere changed that recently NOT SURE WHY. Just discovered a new way to find those trips though. you can run a "Customer Open Balance Statement" from the reports list and it'll show you all the unpaid trips. You're looking for trips where payment method is NOT "DirectBill/Invoice" and successfully SETTLED. I found a few. You probably want to consider contacting your clients and letting them know about this software bug like we did!!. Note that DirectBill trips where you apply a discount on the entire invoice will still show as it has a balance. BUT it'll still settle, that's why I say disregard all DirectBill. If you find any settled trips not appearing in your live list or are too old. They were mostly likely settled without payment being processed.

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  1. Dream Limo's Avatar
    This is a bug that I have also found... I have reported it to LA. Hope a fix is available soon. I just run a report like you mentioned weekly to verify that everything has been billed.