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A Helpful Resource?

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Since I started fiddling with this blog feature here I may as well make use out of it and hopefully help some of you who take the time to read what I ramble. As I was cruising the web today I found a resource that may come in handy for us in the limo biz - and those of us that do alot of phone with no signature work. It's called GoPaperless and the website is - I posted a thread on the main board about scanning documents and in my research & came across the aforementioned website. It seems pretty cool. Basically you can upload documents, send the customer a notification that they have a document to sign and then capture an e-signature that is supposed to conform to government standards. I am setting up a conference call with them so they can show me around and I will report back to the blog here. I think this will be great - reduce faxes and snail mail contracts. Hopfully something like this will cut down on the "I didn't sign anything" remarks.

Cost: Roughly $199 per year with different plan levels(not bad - but I will check it out first)

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  1. Jim30's Avatar
    Not that I know of...if I am wrong and someone that knows LA clue me in (I am still learning the software). I know the online reservation feature has a disclaimer of sorts but nothing like what you describe but I could be wrong...anyone? I would like to find this out before I jump in to GoPaperless. It just seemed like something that would solve the signature issue for charging when the customer is not present to sign (most telephone transactions).