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  1. Ouch, you have to get thick skin on this forum. Some of the members will go after anything to make a post. My time on this forum, and it is longer than my join date stats ( i changed names to my company ), has shown me that New Yorkers seem to have the most to say. Bare with those few for the rest of us who live in the real world.
    Happy New Year
  2. Yea that is true, very good info.To be honest May/June I should make about $15,000 with prom and weddings. About 40 high schools here.

    Then every Saturday have a wedding till November.December-March is almost impossible to get more than 5 bookings in the month.

    Weather being a huge factor.

    Our rates may be different for weddings 4 hrs, my 10 pass. goes for $650 tax included and fuel.I do not have a fuel charge.

    And my 14 pass. goes for 850 tax included for, 4 hrs.I think im not too worried right now because I do not have any other expenses but the vehicles.

    I also do the driving. But am definitely trying to find a way to be booked during the week, and during the day.I know the top operator in my area makes a ton of money easily in the $300,000 range but he's been here for 20+ years.

    Hope your all booked up for New years eve...
  3. little bit further each time.
    Merry Christmas and the season best.
  4. When my limos are at capacity, each seat will cost my client @10.90. So the choice of limo is based more on occupancy then price. The maintenance on the bus is proportional to a ltthe use it gets. I also levy a fuel surcharge on all my limos. Right now it is at 17%.
    The need whether real or perceived has to be there. Your clients must believe that this is the way to be seen, that it will make there day even more special then without it. They have to be treated and feel like they are the most important people at that time.
    Some times getting that new line on business is you stepping out of your comfort zone. We all know where our comforts lie, it is going just a
  5. You can contact me at .
    The weddings and grads is great if there is enough of it to keep you busy. My thoughts are, your need to do 4 to 5 a week to be able to make a living. So we need to find something to keep the limos moving the rest of the week.
    The one thing I have done is to price all my vehicles the same per person.
  6. Wow, I did not see this message till now. Is there a personal address I can contact you with ?

    At the moment I focus on weddings and grads, there is a fair bit of government work out here but im no where near big enough to accommodate their demands.Most of the MPs like sedans.

    They do also like the party bus as they can get 20 people inside so that brings down cost.How is the maintenance on your bus ?

    Is it the 'need' to have for a Limo business to become successful ?

    Population wise: 1.2 million in the city, with 35 companies. Total of 20 SUV stretches and maybe 10 party buses.This year im going see how well it goes with the SUV stretch.

    And find something that makes me different to continue to get business.
  7. Not a problem... Yes I know what you mean by busy... Xmas parties every week at least.3/4.Wow that honestly doesn't seem so bad, why is it then that brokers charge nearly $2000 for it ?Im pretty sure with this Info, definitely will go down to the States.Since im still learning the business, what do you think is important to succeed and continue to get constant flow of clients ?
  8. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, christmas and busy. The process is not that much different than up here. One of the first things, a must, is to be sure the limousine is allowed into Canada. You can go to this site,, and it will list the limousine builders that are allowed for import into Canada. The US also has 'title' documents that must go with the purchase/sale of the limousine. You will need this at the border crossing. You must send it to the border crossing you will be passing thru 48 hours prior to you being there. Then its just a matter of paying import tax and GST and you are homeward bound. It's not horrible by any means. Besides, it makes for a nice drive thru some diverse country.
  9. thank you, will keep that in mind for the next time I go looking for a limousine.

    What is the process like ?
  10. Lol, I know. Having to find the right limo is so hard.I wasnt too careful for my second limo and I wasnt going to make that mistake for an SUV stretch.Anyways, would you prefer buying from the States ?Thats pretty cool, they didnt even check the vin.Soo true, you really know the vehicle. With the long drive, I was impressed with the way the excursion was built.Dan also helped by writting important info before hand.With your experience what would you recommend ?In terms of well built limos. Still learning about the business.
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