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  1. Michael, The forum seems to have some sort of virus. I keep getting malwarebytes notifications of blocking IP
  2. Heads up Michael..A new member request djj..regardless of how it (application) may look he is legit in that he is a former PTC Commissioner & now a private attorney.
  3. I added a required profile field for new registrants which should stop the automated back-link spam bots -- now most new registrants should be legit.
  4. Ha, let em enjoy purgatory indefinitely.
  5. I just banned all .ru/.cn email addy's including that "sexy" IP address. Should help. Feel free to delete these messages after reading. Thanks for all your help.
  6. No, the IP has to be added to the ban list.
  7. Hey, we got hit again with hard core. I did a soft delete so you can review , forum funnys, BXBruce
  8. We got hit with hard core spam "CatribiaArero" (XXX Photos) 1st time this has happened. May have to think about physical approval of new posters.
  9. Yeah, caught that 4X mofo registering again after I boooted his ass the other day
  10. Damn you're quick!!
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