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  1. Many members probably got hit with this spam. I banned the Spammer awhile back but am unable to do a mass pm delete so either each individual must delete or I'll deal with it one on one.
  2. Missed the return message ..why so long for response.

    I have transported a full load with trailer up to 130 miles with no problems. I keep the air pressure at recommended levels (80 rear/50 front). Asides from adjusting braking pressure on the pedal due to the weight, I haven't experienced much difference in feel or handling. As always simply drive responsible & make sure the vehicle is routinely PM'd.
  3. Gunny,
    I am going to go ahead and get the trailer and the hitch to try; will get it installed professionally for sure. Have you done like 12-14 pax and their luggage in trailer ( combo ) with your vehicle or only 10 passenger + trailer? When you put 12-14 pax + trailer, do you have any problem in driving, turning or anything like that? What tire pressure do you maintain on this van. Some people are saying to only put 10 passenger when you use a trailer...

    Again, thank you so much for your help, it saves me a world of search and work.

  4. Thank you.
  5. I use a 5X8 enclosed Express Trailer which is a little over kill though I have filled it on multiple vehicle jobs hauling 20+ passengers.
    The hitch is an aftermarket, frame mounted unit.
    Don't know the max trailer weight for the 350 but can state with reasonable certainty that towing a trailer full of luggage will not come close to max load.
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