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  1. Stop Walker's Budget!

    Governor Scott Walker's proposed state budget is inconsistent with Wisconsin Values for Menomonee Falls community. He slashes funding for public education like we have never done before in this state. He cuts the SeniorCare prescription drug program. And he gives a big tax break to those who need it least, wealthy people and big corporations.

    Governor Walker wants to cut $900 million from our schools, the deepest cut in state history.

    Governor Walker wants to slash ...
  2. Limoanywhere costing us straight up money!!

    If you open settlement screen in LA, it used to not let you settle without applying payment or setting status to DirectBill/Invoice. like many other features gone bad, limoanywhere changed that recently NOT SURE WHY. Just discovered a new way to find those trips though. you can run a "Customer Open Balance Statement" from the reports list and it'll show you all the unpaid trips. You're looking for trips where payment method is NOT "DirectBill/Invoice" and successfully SETTLED. ...
  3. 2003 Lincoln Town Car, krystal PN 13-976 circuit board

    I'm having issues with the crystal coach circuit board I see it seems to have A digital to analog conversion system in it along with the standard 18 or 20 relays while running the air conditioner stays on full blast and there is no control of rear locks or air conditioning fan speed temperature accessory in the rear so I'm thinking the digital might be gone in it anyways im trying to troubleshoot this issue I'm an electronics technician and I'm trying to fix this for my friend does anyone have a ...
  4. Circuit board

    Any one help ive got problems with my 2005 blue crush limo, lost all power in rear think i have narrowed it down to the circuit board , can any one repair these or supply a wiring diagram ?
  5. 2003 Ford excursion relay board

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2003 Ford excursion limo 140" stretch and I am looking for a Krystal relay board with the following specs.

    Pn 13-976
    155 relay board
    LAE 2002 - 09 - 09

    Any one help where I can purchase this relay board as i have had no luck in finding a supplier and since Krystal is out of business, it's made it difficult to find such parts for my Suv limo.

    appreciate a reply Asap, as limo is off the road till ...
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