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  1. Airport Limo Service is sooo much easier.

    Arriving at any major airport hub in the United States can definitely have its challenges especially when finding the best type of ground transport. Your just waiting to get off the plane (even worse when in coach!) collecting luggage and waiting to disembark.Then the long walk and tram ride to the baggage carousel. Once you get your baggage, you now need to get that transport to your destination downtown. Especially in cities like Atlanta, its important to have the best and effective mode ...
  2. Looking to get Limo and Party busses more work.

    I work for Legacy Limousine & Luxury Coaches. I am currently looking to start pushing out our limo and two party busses for more runs. Where can I look to do this. I have looked at already, does anyone know of any other sites that I can bid on some runs.
  3. My Marketing Strategies That WORKED For Me!

    Hey Ladies and Gents,

    My name is Greg and I'm the owner of Brookfield Limo. After years of being in the automotive and diesel industry and working on vehicles I decided to make a change. I did not like the politics in the auto and diesel industry. I spent $10,000 easy on tools to work on other peoples vehicles. It just didn't make since to me that I spent all that money and time on other peoples stuff. I knew it was time for a change because I was not happy. I knew if I put ...
  4. A Step Closer To Beating The Competition

    Hi Everyone,

    I wanna share with you what I've recently found out about a company called Anytime Limos and how I decided to go about fixing the situation.

    I was talking to one of the limo company owners here in Richmond, VA and got on the subject of referrals and ways to get more business. Right off the bat I knew he had something going on cause for the past 4 months he has been consistently getting more business while I've been getting less.

    So he, Jake, is ...
  5. How to make your business online presence more fruitful: A case study

    The way you do your marketing on the internet is very important. IT gets more important everyday.

    However, many sites in the business seem to not understand this, either not having an online presence at all, or having a very sloppy one.

    Today I want to share my article with you where I analyse the good and the bad in one of the good examples in our business: What they are doing right and what they are missing.
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