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  1. private vehicle not for hire

    what are the laws for a private limo not for hire used for personal use, maybe taking friends or relatives out in the limo or town car
  2. looking for cheaper insurance

    i need help this year deciding who to renew my insurance with, i have used lancers for the last couple 5 years , never had any accidents ( thank god ) and yeah they continue to raise my premium year after year , i am tired of it my business is not as good as before in the area that i am in ( toms river nj ) anybody please need some advise


  3. Sometimes we should think before we post

    I attended the 2010 LCT show in Vegas this year for the second year in a row. This year, I was a little more open to networking and talking to people. I have always had a hard time trying to sell myself, because that is basically what we all are doing isn't it? For the most part, we all buy our limos from the few limo builders out there, we all can buy our Town Cars from Lincoln, and when your cars are not there to show the car with which we keep spotlessly clean, all we have left to do is sell ...
  4. Good Business

    As time goes by you learn alot about being in business. When you have a job you don't really have to think about certain things. For instance advertising , good word of mouth , cost of operation and on and on. Well in the last almost 4 years as owners my wife and I have learned a lot about handling situations. 2 things we had to deal with in the past month had to do with doing the right thing. The first was a client we had serviced their wedding this past summer. She had reserved the Hummer for ...
  5. A Helpful Resource?

    Since I started fiddling with this blog feature here I may as well make use out of it and hopefully help some of you who take the time to read what I ramble. As I was cruising the web today I found a resource that may come in handy for us in the limo biz - and those of us that do alot of phone with no signature work. It's called GoPaperless and the website is - I posted a thread on the main board about scanning documents and in my research & came across the aforementioned ...
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