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  1. Premium or not to Premium

    I was driving with my mechanic the other day, and I asked him what he thought about operating my Lincoln Town Cars with just regular fuel, due to the rising prices. He looked at me with a funny face and said "Buying premium fuel is a waste of money."

    I then asked him why he thought this way. He told me in all the years he has owned Lincolns he has always used regular fuel, and he said he would never pay the extra money for premium fuel. I told him I was concerned due to ...
  2. Out of State Limousine Services trying to muscle their way in.

    As a Limousine owner who has been at this business since 1987 I feel I must vent my frustration over these Limousine companies that come in to our areas from out of State and try to steal our business.

    Our market is so completely flooded as it is, the last thing we need are these Pariah companies moving in and operating without proper permits and under cutting the prices that are already as low as they were back in the 90's.

    As many of you can appreciate ranking on ...
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  3. Wisconsin named number 1 for DUI

    Wisconsin was just named the top State for DUI's in America.

    I have stated in a previous blog that the Milwaukee area has a flooded Limo market, yet people still go get hammered and get behind the wheel....WHY? A limo or a cab is just to expensive? Seriously? How much do you think a DUI ticket will cost you in the long run? Or God forbid, what if someone get's killed? How would a Vehicular Manslaughter look on your resume'?

    I have always wondered why celebrities get ...
  4. Chrysler 300's....Yay or Nay?

    Well the Chrysler 300 has been in the Limo market now for a few years....What do you think?

    Have they held their own?
    Have they kept their value?
    Was it all a Mistake?
    The best vehicle that ever could have happened for the Industry?
    Are they really worth all that Money?

    Those of you out there that have been running these vehicles can answer these questions better than anyone. Are they really "All That" or is Lincoln still KING.