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  1. Wedding Expense Etiquette – Who Pays for What?

    First and foremost, there are no rules governing who pays for wedding expenses. Traditionally, the bride’s family covers the cost of most wedding expenses; however, this obligation depends on the individual situation.

    With more couples getting married later in life, they are often able to cover some or all of the wedding expenses. Ideally, this subject should be discussed with both families to determine a solution that works for all parties involved.

    Following is a ...
  2. 5 Etiquette Tips During Limo Service

    When riding in a first class limo, there are rules to follow. Individuals following these easy 5 limo etiquette tips will help contribute to a fun event without worries.

    1.) First and foremost, safety should be the primary concern for the passengers and driver. Safety is often overlooked. Limousine companies will not transport more persons than the law allows. It is highly recommended that the party organizer rent a higher capacity limo than the amount of people in the party. More ...
  3. Limousine Selling – How To Succeed In the Industry

    Limousines have always been seen as the ultimate symbols of elegance, style, glamor and luxury. The rich and famous have always been driven around in these luxurious vehicles.

    The word limousine has been present for decades and takes its root from other languages; however the term familiar with all of us is that it is a long and very luxurious car driven by a person called a chauffeur. Most custom coach builders are located in the United States and Europe and cater mainly to limousine ...