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    I use limo anywhere and was the best money spent. I tried 2 other companies and spent over $1000.00 in set up fees and alot of time trying to learn it and tech support was a nightmare. Limoanywhere has classes online everyday on different subjects and they are free the tech support is easy to reach also.


    Kenny Blaney
    Anytime Limousines
    (540)-412-9025 Fredericksburg, (804)-279-0909 Richmond
    (703)-791-LIMO(5466) Northern VA, (540)-547-9025 Culpeper
    (540)-785-3828 Fax 24 Hrs
    DMV# 772
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    Corporate Car Online very cheap and does it alll!
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    also if you're a solo operator and wish to save a lot of money. a very simple dispatch/basic reservation method might be combining Google Calendar with an iphone sync account to sync it with iphone calendar wirelessly and instantly (check google calendar help) I did that for 2 years as an owner operator, and I even created "Account Code" and searched through the calendar every month for "reservations" with that code and then listed them in word and called it an invoice, lol. For me it worked and the cost is $0 if you already have an iphone/blackberry/droid phone and I'm also assuming the new windows, just look up on Google Calendar help how to set up wirless synchronization and ulll find results. again Best of Luck
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    I get a feeling that you'll more likely hear something like LIMOANYWHERE. It's very common. It's great software and it's priced fairly well. No per car fees, or any kind of complicated fees period. You choose the add-ons as a one-time fee and then add the rest separate., also you can look for a used license for sale. sometime's they list them here on the website. feel free to also check, there might be a license for sale their as well. I also just checked out this new software from seems like a copy off of limoanywhere (LA for short), but LA has way more users and has an affilliate network u can use to establish affilliates on. Good Luck!