View Full Version : need ideas on how to advertise, I can help.

June 2nd, 2002, 12:42 PM
There are the traditional ways, newspaper,radio and so on but here are a few others you might want to look at. You just need to get out on the street and shake the bushes. Just drive your cars up and down main St.. Your Limo is a traveling billboard. Park on main st., stand by your car like you are waiting for some VIP. pass out cards and flyers to passer bys. How many times have people ask you "who you got in the car", tell them what ever you want and give them a card. Visit Bridal shops get to know the owner, drop of a half dozen donuts. Visit Jewelery stores, Funeral homes. Join the Chamber of Commerce. Get to know the Transit Manager at the local transit system, they get calls for small group charters all the time. You just never know where that next client will come from

David E. Merrill